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Ice-Cream Machine with horizontal cauldron F45

Create delicious homemade ice cream with whole fruits, nuts and chocolate using this commercial-quality machine, which produces up to 45 Kg of ice cream in less than 60 minutes. This Ice Cream Machine has a self-contained freezer-compressor, which does not require pre-freezing. This unique feature enables ice cream to be made with quick turn-around time between batches. There is a sound signal when machine is ready for work, that makes operation simple. Bowl is easy to clean. Made of stainless steel.

  • Hourly Production: 45 kg 
  • Dimensions: \"H x 1400mm\"W x 720mm\"Dx800mm 
  • Weight: 200 kg 
  • Power: 8 kWatts 
  • Electrical: 400V

Ice-Cream Machine with horizontal cauldron F40 T

Create delicious homemade ice cream with whole fruits, nuts and chocolate using this commercial-quality machine, which produces up to 40 Kg of ice cream per 1 hour.

  • Hourly Production: 40 kg
  • Dimensions: "H x 2000mm"W x 850mm"Dx1000mm
  • Weight: 150 kg
  • Power: 8 kWatts
  • Electrical: 400V+PE+N

Pasteurizer PL85P

Create ice cream in automated cycle.

Working Capacity: 85 dm 3

Total Capacity: ~ 105 dm 3


Driver with software

  • Can be used as an inkubator
  • Inbuilt high-performance emulsificator – blender

Heating Power: 12 kW

Aggregate Power: 3 kW

Dimensions: \"H x 170 cm\"W x 77 cm\"D x 77 cm

Weight: 250 kg

Electrical: 400V

Incubator SM4

This machine keeps the ice cream cool (up to +4oC)


  • Slow-rotation blender
  • Capacity: 400 dm3
  • Power: 1,5 kW
  • Electrical: 380 V + PE + N; 50 Hz
  • Dimensions: "H x 1620mm"diameter 960mm" Weigh 120kg

Confectionery Roller Press WCG3

Roller Press is used for Crushing cottage cheese, almonds, nuts, poppy, marzipan etc. It is used also in pharmaceutical industry. 
Rollers are made from the best Swedish black granite. Rollers has got different rotation velocity and working space may be easily adjusted from 0 to 3 mm. Litter cone, tub and covers are made of stainless steel. It’s easy to clean and got safety cover. Machine has wheels with breaks. 

  • Electrical: 400 V, engine: 2,2 kW.
  • Rollers length 330 mm; diameter 150 mm.
  • Dimensions: “H x 1115mm"W x 885mm"Dx800mm
  • Weight ~ 180 kg.

Caramel Machine - Heated PCP2

Machine is used for production of caramel (water and sugar).

  • Hourly Production: 50 kg
  • Bowl Capacity: 60 l (bowl oil heated, covered)
  • Water cooling cylinder (May have closed water cycle)
  • Automatic stabilization of syrup temperature (up to 120 oC)
  • Dimensions: "H x 1200mm"W x 540mm"Dx1400mm
  • Weight: 180 kg
  • Power: 6,4 kWatts
  • Electrical: 400V
  • Roll Bearing ensure long vivacity

Tree Cake Toaster ODS4

Create Tree Cakes of Any shapes and flavours.

  • Dimensions of Tree Cakes max. diameter 300mm, length ~ 900mm
  • Fluent regulation of rotation velocity from 15 to 90 min -1 
  • Thermostat 
  • Isolated walls 
  • okienko umożliwiaj±ce wizualn± kontrolę procesu pieczenia 
  • stainless steel 
  • Wheel with breaks 
  • Heating Power 12 kW, electrical 400 V 
  • Dimensions: \"H x 1600mm\"W x 1300mm\"Dx600mm
  • Weight: 100 kg 

Extra equipment:

  • Steel and aluminium Rolls, stands.